Black Thought –The Roots– ACLFest ’04

My son Orion tells me that “I’ll really blow minds” if I exhibit this shot. He tells me they’re the “John Lennons of our generation”….I had, like, no idea when I was shooting them…. (What is the deal with all the white kids getting their inspiration from inner city African-Americans, anyway?–Somewhere I disconnected from the cultural movement….I wish I could say I get it, but I don’t–but I CAN dance to the music…Oh, yeah–now I remember–My parents thought the same thing when most of what I wanted to dance and listen to came out of Motown…) So, here goes, Orion…Is your mind blown?

The Newton Boys at Scott’s House March 3, 2005

I’ve had requests for shots of my family. Well, here we are; just taken on my 56th birthday. (l-r) Hawk, Orion, Zane, Scott and Steve. The biological sons are Hawk, Orion, and Zane. Steve, coincidentally (?) a Newton, has become core Family, good friend to all of us. There is no Mrs Newton, except for Zane’s wife Karen, the mother of my two fine granddaughters Kaia and Zadie.