Dad and Mom Walkin’ the Mall; Jan 5 2009 Tampa, Florida

This is a song of love for my parents: Col. George L Newton (retired), and his wife of almost 64 years, Earlene M Newton. Mom just turned 84, I went to visit them. They are so full of life and fighting the brave fight of old age. Mom’s still tack sharp, Dad is in the early stages of late-onset Alzheimer’s; they fight back by tirelessly power-walking the local mall and staying as active as possible. It’s working pretty well for Dad–early stage has stayed that way. While I was there, they got word that yet another of their great, life-long friends had suddenly died. Mom just shook her head and misted a bit. “Sometimes it’s just too much”, she said. “Old age ain’t for sissies”. Then she got up to finish cooking a perfect dinner. I’m proud I get to carry on the DNA, genetic and spiritual, they passed on to and through me. I believe, on some level, you pick your parents before you’re born. I did a great job, way back when.