Blue Heron Taking Flight, Cumberland River, Tennessee, August 2005

One of the reasons I love photography is that sometimes you can see, and capture, the Spiritual in the Physical for all to share. Here a Blue Heron takes off from a branch overlooking the river. The blurred form of it taking flight looks like what I really believe it to be: Life Erupting and Lauching Forth.

Osprey, Cumberland River, Tennessee, August 2005

Lately, on a shoot in Nashville, I was treated to a boat ride on the Cumberland River. We saw an incredible panoply of birds, including this Osprey, a Bald Eagle, and many different species of Herons. Like the American Indians, I believe Spirit motivates all wild animals; more accurately, I believe they’re essentially Spirit made flesh. As such, their appearance has meaning beyond their physical presence. I’m not perceptive enough to discern what exactly their presence connotes, but, like a child standing in front of a mountain, I can tell you that it’s big and important. Suffice to say, I felt honored that this Osprey allowed me to photograph her.

Selena, Austin, 1993

I’ve been privileged to be able to photograph some of the best performers of the late 20th century, and, believe me, this was one of the very best. She was pure magic onstage, as charismatic as anyone I’ve ever seen…and she only sang in Spanish. (And she designed and made her own clothes, too!) What a waste. She was SO young. I guess she generated so much emotion in others that someone just had to kill her…

Roky Erickson, Austin, Texas 1973

Roky Erickson, the lead singer of The 13th Floor Elevators, is widely recognized as the father of both psychedelic and punk rock. Here he’s shown wandering around a party at Uncle Seymore’s in Clarksville in 1973. Generally written off as a casualty of psychedelic excess and too many psychiatric shock treatments in the 60’s, I’m happy to report that Roky has recovered enough to perform sporatically again. Roky is totally unique. He still has that incredible penetrating singing voice, like a prophet in the midst of a raging desert sandstorm…

The Roar of the Crowd, ACLFestival 2004

Shot near the end of Trey Anastacio’s set at the 2004 ACL Festival in Austin, this shot is visual evidence of Austin’s attitude of tolerance and vigorous support of live music. There’s a reason for that well deserved reputation as musical hotbed–the fanbase is appreciative and enthusiastic and has been for years. I do love living in Austin. I wasn’t born here but I got here as fast as I could…