The First Trump – Clinton Debate, Sept 26, 2016

Well, here we go again… I last posted a debate shot 8 years ago with Obama and McCain. It’s time to weigh in again.  I won’t beat around the bush. Trump is a narcissistic megalomaniacal sociopath, at best, and The Beast at worst.  I fear for all of Humanity should he attain the Nuclear Codes. Everyone sane needs to take a stand against this repugnant man!  More later… there will be much more to say.The First Debate -Trump and Clinton- Sept 26, 2016

Ann Richards 1982 Austin, TX


In ’82 I was hired to do a shoot with Ann Richards, then a Travis County Commissioner. She was running for Texas State Treasurer and needed images.  She was a marvelous person, funny, smart, friendly, and thoroughly Texas in every way.  She had the slowest, thickest drawl coupled with the quickest wit I’d ever experienced. She was a delight. This is before she was Governor, before all of that.

Here, she was just Ann, navigating us around Austin in her big huge boat of a car, regaling us (Doug Zabel and me) with hilarious stories…