360 Degree Panorama; Woman on Wooden Pier, Colorado River, Austin TX 2/25/08

I’ve been learning digital stitching. It’s been blowing my mind and making me see things in a whole new way. This is a cylindrical rendering of a 360 degree panorama. See the Sun, AND my shadow on the left? See the woman’s bending shadow? The dock was actually a little square wooden rectangle sticking out into the Colorado River about 20 feet, right behind the Four Seasons Hotel–(the building on both the right and the left…) The bridge in the background is the Congress Avenue Bridge–the one where over a million bats so famously live (World’s Largest Urban Bat Colony!)– The woman was sunning herself when I showed up at sunset. She graciously modeled for me for a few minutes. I never did get her name….. This is the result. Like a Mercator Projection Map of the world, where Greenland and Antarctica are squashed flat and big, digital stitching lays out the entire environment in 2 dimensions. Fun. Big Fun.