Hawk and Orion 1981

I love doing this photo blog. Every once in a while I’ll feel like it’s time to post something, and I’ll review what I can share and what I have to say. I have no idea why I’m showing what I’m showing…I guess I’m channeling some Muse, or maybe just surfing the Flow and doing the next image that seems like fun… Here’s an image from 25 years ago. It’s a shot of my two oldest sons. It makes me feel warm; does it work for you, too?

Austin City Limits Set

About 15 years ago, Terry Lickona, the producer of ACL, asked me to shoot a generic beauty shot of the ACL set. I brought in the big gun–my 4 X 5 view camera, and came up with this…. I see this shot as a self portrait, or at least a hidden anthology. In 1981 I shot the photo that the set was made from. This image was the cover of my last book. This is the setting for some of the best performances I’ve ever seen, and since 1979 I’ve seen all of them. This is the place where I’ve made a good bit of my Life’s Work. I just realized that this shot, so unlike most of what I’ve done, 4 X 5, set up, static, is one of the most widely seen of all..