about Scott…

I’m a 67 yr old longtime resident of Austin, TX.  A father of 3 sons, and a grandfather of 5. I moved to Austin as a 21 yr old college student (and former Air Force brat) in 1970 and graduated from UT in 1972 with an English degree with lots of Ancient Greek thrown in. Perfect training to be a photographer… which I didn’t study since I didn’t know that’s what I was going to do when I was plowing through school.

No matter.  Soon after graduation, I picked up a camera and started shooting. I shot everything, but found photographing musicians was easy and fun. I hung with them and they with me. It was early 70’s Austin and the living was fun and easy and exciting. Most nights were spent dancing the night away at the old un-airconditioned Armadillo World Headquarters with thousands of others just like me and my friends.

Eventually I trained myself to be a passable photographer. I mostly freelanced from 1973 on, shooting musicians, politicians, all kind of portraits, assorted commercial gigs, and my own whimsical art. Eventually I worked my way to being the only staff stills guy at Austin City Limits in 1979, a gig I’ve held ever since. These photos are a sample of my career over the last 43 years. I’m still shooting all kinds of stuff and talking about it. This site is my end of that conversation.  Your end is in your head as you view the shots….you can comment if you feel like it.

Want to see B&W music-theme shots from the 70’s? go here  — those are the shots on display room by room in the W Hotel Austin. Want to see what I shoot for Austin City Limits? go to ACLTV.com. All the performance shots there were shot by me. Want to buy a Fine Art signed numbered print from the 70’s? check out Modern Rocks Gallery in Austin.  And last, check out Scott Newton Photography on Facebook. Click on Photos and march backward through time.

Hope you enjoy the autobiographical non-commercial blog that this page is….