Merry Christmas from the Newton Family ! Dec 24, 2008; South Austin, Texas

L-R top row: Kambria, Zane, Karen, Hawk, Orion. L-R seated: Zadie, Scott, Kaia. Zane & Karen’s wonderful girls’ laughter filled Granpa’s house on Christmas Eve, and the Newton Boys’ mirth and good cheer spilled out into the beautiful night…. Merry Christmas to All !!! May Love fill every corner of the entire World!!! No Exceptions!

Sarah McLachlin: Austin City Limits, Dec.8, 2008

Sarah McLachlin is one of the best I’ve ever seen. She does a thing with her voice, where it slides from high register to falsetto, with so much skill and grace and seeming ease that she lifts everyone right along with her to where angels live. And she’s super nice, to boot… Which leads me to why I picked this shot. With someone like her, images of trancelike sublime ecstasy made while channeling that sound she sings to (and for) everyone–that shot is usually what I go for, since it’s what the artist looks like while in the thrall of the Source… But Sarah brings so much of her own positive energy to her performance… I thought I’d share a shot where you can catch a glimpse of who her stage personality, (and seemingly real persona) is, too….

Jakob Dylan; Austin City Limits. July 8, 2008

There’s something visually haunting, and revealing, about the gamble of the unaccompanied performing musician. All alone, under the spotlight, everybody watching. Now, be brilliant for us. It’s a big circle; the lights and attention shining down… and the song, the living song, offered back up. The magic, of course, is where the song comes from: That place of Creation, the spot where the observer observes from, the Rock from whence the poet channels the Divine spark…The place we touch the Much Larger Thing, or God…Or whatever you call it…. I call it the Muse. Anyway, that’s my take on the deal…. And here’s a shot of it.