Juanes … Austin City Limits February 2006

Here he is, folks…the current Columbian heart-throb who packs stadiums full of screaming women all across Europe..Juanes !!! Shown here in mid signature hair-flip, Juanes really has those Latin Lover moves down! I’m going to have to get Hawk to work on how to show sequences; I had a difficult time deciding which frame to show of this revealing little male display ritual….(sly grin, eye-glint, hair-flip, nostril flare….it’s quite a pretty little preen)….which gets the girls squealing every single time. Interesting.


Symbols. One of the great joys of stumbling around this Earth is when you suddenly look around and become aware you have entered the space of a designer who understands Symbols. And Flow. And Space… The site is the UT Brownsville / Texas Southmost College campus. This is such a space. The water symbolizes Knowledge. (And Life. And Civilization….) The architects have incorporated fountains all over campus, without being heavy-handed like at UT Austin.

Fallen Flower April 2006, UTB Campus, Brownsville, TX

Last week I had a shoot on the beautiful campus of The University of Texas at Brownsville. That’s where I grabbed this shot. You have to get down on your knees to see it. I love it when temporal, fleeting Beauty makes a last, almost disdainful show before She finally goes back to the Tao….(the “place” where all things come from and go back to) The more I notice these things, the better and deeper my Life.