Van Morrison, ACLFest, Sept 15, 2006

Van was one of the Legends whom I’d never gotten to shoot. He was worth the wait. I got to shoot him in the studio, and then, the next night, at the Festival, too. I consider him to be one of the best interpreters of the Mystical. He has a magical voice, lyrical and deft. Now, having said that, I have to share that his stage manager makes shooting Van almost impossible. I consider this shot to be a major triumph, sharing Van’s magic visually in spite of stiff and resolute impediments… But in the end it’s only rock and roll, and they’re only unarmed security guys….no big deal. Van was great.

Willie Nelson at ACL Music Festival, Sept 16, 2006

Long ago I spent years photographing Willie Nelson performing (as the house photographer at the Austin Opera House in the late 70’s), but I hadn’t shot him playing in over 7 years. At the latest ACL Fest I got to witness that he hasn’t lost any of his direct connect to the Muse. In fact, the diameter of his spiritual pipeline seems to have expanded. Here he appears to be glowing with the creative energy he conducts…. .