Gravesite of Adin Newton and Family, Akron, New York

The farthest back I can trace my roots end up here. (Since this was posted I’ve traced 3 more generations back). Here lies Adin Newton and (some of) his Family. Adin Newton was my great-great grandfather, born in 1805 at Rochester, Vermont, and died in Akron, New York 81 years later. I’m not sure whom the broken tombstones commemorate (I now know it’s his first wife Esther and two infant children), but I know Adin had two wives during his lifetime and 23 children…. Adin appears to be leading a charge, even now. I recently saw an exhibition of Edward Weston’s work. I consider him to be the most influential photographer on my personal style and development. I just went digging for images that show his influence, if not subject matter. This one does, just a little.

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