Texas Iconoclasts 1995: Gibby, Willie, and Roky

Texans seem to reserve their deepest appreciation and respect for the ones who go against the grain, break the mold, and shatter the icons, and pull it off….. These guys, at least in 1995 when this was shot, all fit that catagory, in their own inimitable individualistic ways. Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers, Willie Nelson of “Outlaw” hyped infamy, and Roky Erickson, of, well, 13th Floor Elevators, (among other incarnations), shared their time in front of the lens backed by a Texas flag in a barn at Willie’s Western Movie Set and Village, Luck, Texas. I can’t remember why….

2 thoughts on “Texas Iconoclasts 1995: Gibby, Willie, and Roky”

    1. in Austin? 512 636 3510 cell

      basically, $300 plus the cost of manufacture to any size you want.

      8 X 10? 300 plus 20………………………………

      24 X 36? 300 plus around 80 it was shot square format. so 24 X 24 would be the ratio.

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