Sluggo The Wonder Pug — At Home — March 25, 2006

Here’s the latest addition to my Family: Sluggo The Wonder Pug. Sluggo is just 9 weeks old. He was given to me, on my 57th birthday, by my sons… Sluggo greets me every morning with Absoute Joy and Total Excitement, and it gets better from there… I won’t talk about my New Best Friend too much more…. I wanted you to meet him. He’s really smart.

Joss Stone, Austin City Limits, 2004

One of the more startling performers today is Joss Stone. A seemingly typical English teenager until she starts singing. The most incredible seemingly 50 year old African-American female voice comes out of her and blows your mind. The inflections and intonations denoting depth and awareness are fully formed, mature and world weary. I don’t know how she can do it, or why. I only know she’s more than remarkable….

Waylon Jennings, 1974, Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin

In 1974 Waymore was raw and surly. I remember him glaring at me and thinking, “Man! I hope he doesn’t kick me…” He didn’t. Good thing. This shot is the cover of the album “Waylon Live-the expanded edition” He was also, in my opinion, a better performer than he’d ever be, later. He was really great in ’74-’75, just the perfect balance of fresh, new, raw and tough. And the voice and swagger and songs by Billy Joe Shaver didn’t hurt, either.