My Mom at my Dad’s Funeral Service. June 17, 2012 Tampa, FL

My Father, Lt Col George L Newton, lived a full life. He was 87 when he died, and saw as much as a working-class kid from Rochester, NY could see with his own eyes–as a pilot stationed all over the world–first with the US Air Force, and then as a commercial pilot. But this shot is about my Mom, Earlene Merkel Newton, his wife of sixty-seven years. She’s also seen it all. She’s the survivor of survivors–the eldest of 12 siblings herself, some of whom have passed on, and now as the widow of the warrior. The iconic, archetypical image, unposed and real, is as personally profound an image as I’ve ever been behind the camera to take….mainly because that’s my Mom and that’s the flag that draped my Dad’s coffin .

Kambria Newton June 2, 2012 Austin, TX

Okay, I’ve been posting way too much music-related stuff. Time for Grandkids. This is Kambria Z. Newton, the youngest of my granddaughters…. She’s not the same as everyone else. For one thing, she’s my only blue-eyed grandkid…and, frankly, she’s a charismatic human non-sequitur. I can never tell where she’s coming from. Truly Original. Grandkids will make you aware of the future. Knowing Kambria, I have one. They’re our hope… Oh, yeah; watch out, World….Kambria’s coming.

The Shins. Austin City Limits, March 18, 2012

This is James Mercer of the Shins. Actually, The Shins is him and whoever he’s playing with. He’s the heart and soul of it. A great craftsman of catchy songs, like, A Simple Song. Actually, I wanted to post this so I could briefly talk about backlighting. Photographers, do it when you can for more interesting results. In performance photography, put the very bright light completely behind the subject’s head… Not always, of course, but when you can…if you can get close enough.

Unveiling Willie’s Statue, April 20, 2012 4:20pm Austin, TX. Corner of Willie Nelson Blvd and Lavaca

This is my take of the unveiling of Willie’s bronze immortalization for the people of Austin and the world. That’s the real Willie on the right with the black cowboy hat. Willie Nelson is one of the finest humans I’ve gotten share the planet with. It’s a pleasure, and an honor, to be alive the same time as him, in the same space, at the same place, during some of (70’s-’12) the same decades. This statue will become one of the symbols of Austin, TX to the World. And for the best of reasons…

Willie Nelson Statue Install, and Scott Newton (self portrait). ACL-Live April 17, 2012, Austin TX

So, they’ve installed a fine likeness of Willie Nelson, sculpted in bronze, at the entrance of ACL-Live–the home of Austin City Limits, and ACL-Live. That’s me, raising my arm in toast while they’re still hoisting him into position, and saluting the man who is, after all, being commemorated before he’s done touring and performing and making them all happy… Here’s to Willie Nelson..

Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes @ Austin City Limits. March 13, 2012

SXSW is going full blast in Austin right now; Spring has sprung. The best new thing I’ve seen is Alabama Shakes, and this woman is a Force of Nature…the last time I’ve seen a woman singer this powerful is when I first saw Aretha Franklin. Brittany Howard. Remember that name… Oh, and Alabama Shakes is a very tight and tasty band.