Final Presidential Debate. October 15, 2008

Long ago I learned that shooting the tv can be almost as rewarding, artistically, as shooting the event, and a lot easier…anyway, reviewing the last debate I kept coming back to this shot. It reminds me of how the older generation looked (on February 9, 1964) when they first heard The Beatles; somewhat puzzled and taken aback–almost shocked. They just didn’t know what to think, but they could tell it was very starkly different… Last night I had a quick IM exchange with my (very Republican) Mom, which I’ll share: “S: hi Mom, M: hi Scott, S:everything ok? all’s well here… M: all is ok. We are very interested in the election. Please pray for our country at this time and that God will be with us.” I AM praying, Mom. I think God is hearing the prayers, too. A lot of people are praying, really hard…they sound, to me, faintly, like the first distant murmurings of The Beatles, if you catch my drift…there’s a very different world right around the corner…. …and, I think we’re going to like it more; it already sounds so much better to me.

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