Goodbye Miss Crunch, aka Crunchy… 1990-2006

As I write this, it’s the first day of 2007. Before I can “boldly go” into the New Year, however, I have to pay homage to the passing of one of the finest fellow travelers I’ve known. Life is, after all, largely about those who touch us, every day. Crunchy, the smartest dog ever and a huge loving soul, died of Natural Causes after a long life, at home, right after telling everyone goodbye at Thanksgiving.. She truly made a House a Home. She was a fine example of both a well-lived virtuous life and, also, a courageous death…. And, no, this isn’t a commercial website–it’s a living autobiography vaguely modeled on Edward Weston’s “Daybooks”.. Now, let’s cover the poor dog up and venture forth into 2007.

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