Hondo Crouch 1974

There’s a streak of irreverence and intelligent fun that runs through many Texans and much of Texas. This is not widely known outside of the state, where it’s assumed that everyone who resides here is a loud, obnoxious, belligerent yayhoo. Well, everyone who lives here isn’t necessarily all that bad..(said Scott, defensively)… There ARE some surprisingly colorful and original characters here, for sure. One of them was Hondo, dead almost 30 years already….(Yikes!)… A champion swimmer in his youth, he became the ringleader and Mayor of All Things Fun at his little town of Luckenbach in the early 70’s. Here he is Holding Court at his own Country Store and Post Office at Jerry Jeff and Susan Walker’s Wedding, December 1974. His influence lives on at every Chili-Cookoff and Spam-o-Rama and Cow-Chip Throwing Contest, and any other oddball event Texans seem to love so much. What a Legacy….

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