Jane in the Rain, On Top Of Nohoc Mul Pyramid, Coba, Yucatan, Mexico

Okay, imagine this: It’s 1986. You’re climbing very steep pyramids in the jungle in the Yucatan; not tourist pyramids, but really steep ones in the middle of the jungle. You and a small group of friends get to the top of the tallest pyramid on the whole Yucatan peninsula, and the remnants of a hurricane assault and purify everyone. My great friend, Jane Rusk Kasey, stood in the driving wind and rain on top of the pyramid, overlooking the jungle and received the Rain god’s benediction and showed me how to become One with it All; Here in the Now…. Jane has been dead almost 10 years now… Every time I look at this shot, which is every day, I’m goaded to accomplish as much as Jane did, in the immortal instant captured by this shot….. I hope you can feel her, as I do, right down to her pink tennis shoes. She was among the best of humans.

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