Jumbo waiting for Steve 11-9-01

This image has been haunting me lately. Jumbo, the black dog in the shot, (a wonderful dog) has sufferred an apparent stroke, becoming completely paralyzed, on 2/23/05. My son Zane, a trained medical technician, has been treating him with an experimental (at least to ME) brain wave device which has actually restored much of his function. Where before he was limited to breathing, moving his eyes and slightly wagging his tail, now he can sit up and literally drag himself around the yard. We’re all praying he will soon walk again, and retake his station at the top of my driveway. Flash! Jumbo now gets up and walks! (3-20-05) Amazing! More, later….. Jumbo has retaken his place. (3-24-05) Amazing…we had his grave dug, and the vet thought we should “put him down”. Seemingly hopeless situations sometimes resolve quite well, in the end…I must remember that.

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