Mick Jagger, Fort Worth, Texas, June 1972

When I was but a child of 23, I had the good fortune of going to a Rolling Stones show. It was my first, and I was very excited. This being 1972, no one said a thing about having a camera, and no one said a thing when I went down to the front row center before the show and took the best seat (my ticket was for faaaar away). Security was almost nonexistant then, and no one told me to leave. I got to shoot Mick from the closest seat in the house. I only had a 50mm lens on an old (even then)Canon AT, and slow Kodachrome 64; and oh, yes, a roll of color infrared film. So, here’s what Jagger looks like in unfiltered infrared. The point of this story is that when I showed these shots to people, they wanted prints, and they threw money at me to get them…and I realized I might be able to make a living doing this. It was so crazy it worked…

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