My Mom on her 80th Birthday, 1/2/05, Tampa, Florida

This is my Mom, Earlene Newton, on her 80th with her only granddaughter, Duckie, in her lap. Mom is a charter member of the Greatest Generation…She’s seen it all…The wife of a US Air Force fighter pilot, she raised 4 kids on airbases all over the world. She’s the eldest of 12 siblings herself. She has, besides Duckie, 7 grandsons and 4 great-granddaughters. She’s the Matriarch for many. The best thing about my Mom is her loving heart. The most remarkable characteristic is her sharp, unfiltered, outspoken intelligence. I hope I have the acuity and health she possesses on my 80th…..Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you. You inspire me.

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