Neville Brothers at Austin City Limits 1994

Since my last posting three weeks ago, Hurricane Katrina has come and gone. In response, I’ll be posting images of great New Orleans musicians to remind us all of The Big Easy’s priceless cultural contributions (music, food, and attitude). Austin calls itself “The Live Music Capital of the World”. I’ve often thought the claim was somewhat overblown, although arguably true, since New Orleans has: the French Quarter (10-20 times bigger than 6th Street), centuries of live music tradition, an entire indigenous art form of music known as Jazz, and, most of all, they have The Neville Brothers. My personal opinion is that the Nevilles are the best live music band in the world…but I digress. I went to a show this weekend in Austin where I found out that many of New Orleans’ finest musicians have taken refuge here….including at least one of the fabulous Nevilles. Maybe, until New Orleans is rebulit, we really are the Live Music Capitol of the World.

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