Pussycat at Home on 29th St. 1971 Austin

In 1970, I had the excellent fortune of meeting and befriending Manuel Conde, Jr.; otherwise known far and wide as Pussycat. Pussycat was one of the few native born Austinites I met in those early days…everyone else was from someplace else. His parents were itinerant farm workers who followed the harvest around the country. Pussycat was educated, maybe, through the 5th grade, but was one of the wisest humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing…He was my housemate for many years through the early and mid 70’s…He sure expanded my Whiteboy frame of reference. He died about 4-5 years ago. Gentle spirit that he was, someone in prison (he had repeat DWIs) just didn’t like him and beat him to within an inch of his life. He got out but was never the same…physically. His Spirit lives on in me and everyone who met him.

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