Ray Davies at Austin City Limits July 24, 2006

Ray Davies, formally headman of The Kinks, performed at ACL last evening, and has been giving interviews and performing at other venues around town too. He’s one of the founders of the dominant popular art form, rock and roll, and he’s got IT, better than ever. He’s really perceptive and gives great interview….London in the 60’s still reverberates down through the decades…. It seems that whenever an art form explodes out of whatever was the construct that preceeded it, it has a vitality that is rarely equaled again. Rock and Roll in England in the early to mid 60’s was one of those periods, it appears. I think that’s why we keep waiting, in vain, for the reappearance of giants like The Beatles. We’re going to have to wait for the next musical art form to burst through the Rock Chrysallis… (Maybe that’s what Rap and Hip Hop is, and I’m just too out of touch to perceive it.)

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