Self Portrait: Father and Son 1/2/07 @ Home

Yesterday, my eldest son Hawk flew back to Seattle after a holiday visit.. It seemed like a good time for a quick self-portrait on the front porch, right before he drove to the airport. I just hold the camera up, zoom it wide and blast a few digits. Eventually, you’ll get tired of mugging and some truth might just slip into the shot. That’s the one you want…. That’s me on the right. Hawk is the together one in the middle. In retrospect, one of the best things I ever did was feed his interest, displayed at a very early age (2), in all machines, but especially computers. He has made my move from film to digital,( including writing the software for this website,) and all that move entails, not only possible but positive in every way. Lucky me….I don’t know how other film/dinosaur photographers do it…. …..Sometimes “the child is the father to the man” in more ways than just one.

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