Sheri T., –Friend– Sept 2007 South Austin, TX

These days, with work and other demands taking up most of one’s time, I find I have room for just 4 or 5 full time–invest the hours, week in and month out–friends…These are the fellow travelers, the ones who step seamlessly into your internal dialogue and set the crooked parts straight….the ones you trust and love being around and talking to…. And this is the friend I actually spend the most time with, in person. (No, she’s not a girlfriend…she’s even better–a bestfriend) She was, for example, my assistant during the heat and sweat of the ACL Fests, a tough gig…she defines “trooper”, and “tough” and “no bullshit”… Don’t mess with Sheri T. The shot is here because I was looking for an example of my work that shows the influence of Henri Cartier-Bresson, (whose Leica I don’t deserve to even think about holding). His portraits are a constant source of inspiration, (kinda like Sheri)….

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