The Blue Rock. Lost Maples State Park, Texas October, 1980

I’ve been scanning images created long ago and far away. I shot a lot of 120mm film in the olden (pre-digital)days, and sometimes an image insists that I scan and share. (For example, the brain cells that stored this image kept firing away at inappropriate moments, over the years, even in dreams….) So, here….. It’s like a second shoot, in a way, to let all of those years parade by and then, with the passing of seeming lifetimes, go back and see what has risen to the top. (And, now, I get the benefit of all the tools in Photoshop, like the filter/distort/lens correction filter, the sharpen tool, AND absolute color control. The lens correction filter alone has saved many an already-made shot from chromatic aberration and worse.) Texas DOES have Autumn color. See?

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