Trombone Shorty @ACL_Live, Feb 16, 2012

It’s wonderful watching the Birth of Something Great. After awhile, you just know it when you see it… Wow! This guy’s really got it! Trombone Shorty is like a modern Louis Armstrong, 100 Years (or so) later. He’s a nexus and a vortex and a bandleader who is not going away. Might as well figure him out and hear where he’s at: he’s the young spirit of New Orleans. The baton has been passed….he’s picked it up and he’s runnin’. I love watching Creativity, bursting forth in the Now. It’s like watching a great athlete, except the music lasts longer…and you can repeat it. Okay, maybe that’s too over-the-top, and breathless, and hyperbole…but maybe not. Maybe he really is that great. We’ll see. He’s 26… and the music is running through him.

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