You Got To Move. Austin, Texas 1973

Early one late Winter morning in the early 70’s the hippie colonies on 29th Street were roused by soldiers, carrying rifles, disembarking from buses into our street. It was hard to determine which group was more stunned, the soldiers in their late teens seeing hordes of half dressed hippies spill out of the houses, or the hippies who were sure Nixon had finally gone bonkers and sent in the troops. As it turned out, it was one of those events that will teach you to delay reacting when faced with a very odd situation. The radio announced that LBJ had died and that his body was being given an honor guard from the funeral home to his place of honor at the LBJ Library…We made sure that when his hearse passed he was accompanied by the proper dirge at as many decibles as our rock and roll amp and speakers could deliver: The Rolling Sones’ cover of Robert Johnson’s immortal tune “You Got to Move”. I’ve been told one could hear it from Lamar to Guadalupe…. May his Soul rest in Peace. He wasn’t so bad, after all; unlike the current usurper, he cared about people other than his rich cronies

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