Zadie Newton, Granddaughter, Sept 6, 2008

I want to share one of the things I’ve learned along the way: become part of the never-ending web of life. In other words: procreate. Pass yourself on. It makes you part of the thing much larger than yourself….and that’s where happiness lives. This is one of my wonderful granddaughters, Zadie. She has it all: looks, smarts, energy and attitude. I can only imagine her boundless future…but I want to talk about the shot. She’s at the apex of her jump; it’s the decisive moment–all of that frozen energy launches from her eyes at the viewer. Zap! You’re there, sharing that innocent exuberant joy. At it’s most useful, photography is symbol and allegory and metaphor. Even a shot as simple as your granddaughter bouncing on a trampoline becomes all children bouncing into life everywhere and always…if you can see it that way.

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