Nixon gives the “I’m Not A Crook” speech 1974

There’s something about living 55 years that gives a person a sense of perspective…. I’ll never forget the popular President (elected in a Landslide), flashing charm amid the trappings of State, lying his ass off. He was after nothing more, or less, than bringing all the power of State to bear against his enemies; but he got his hand caught in the proverbial Cookie Jar. Ah, Hubris…. Then, however, we had a fairly free, unfettered Press. We had a Moderate Middle that could be swayed by Truth. Now we have a bunch of Hack Yesmen/Brown-Nosers, serving as the Propaganda wing of the Republican Party, on every channel. There is no Middle that I can discern. Anyway, I sort of miss Tricky Dick. He was articulate. And smart.

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